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Major Settlement in the Parish of Cardington

Historical Forms

  • Henchemerse, Hernchemers 1185 Templars
  • Enchemerse 1221–2 Ass 1332 SBL6255
  • Enchenemersh' 1327 SR
  • Enchmarsh 1566 SBL8384 1665 SBL6031
  • Enshmarse 1713 PR(H)
  • Anchmarch 1577 Saxton
  • Anchmarsh 1695 Morden
  • Ensmarsh 1672 HTR


'Servants' marsh', a ME  name containing enche , a word noted in PN Gl 1, 64, xi, as occurring in Inchthrop near Cirencester. Two occurrences were noted in f.ns. in Berks (PN Berks 866), but the word is not well-evidenced in place-names, so it is useful to have this copiously documented Sa instance, v. mersc .