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Major Settlement in the Parish of Cardington

Historical Forms

  • Chattewelle 1185 Templars
  • Catewelle ib
  • Chatewalle 1255 RH 1421 Cl
  • Chatewelle 1255–6,91–2 Ass 1271–2 ForProc
  • Chatewell 1327 Pat 1363 Cl 1364 Ipm
  • Chatwall 1315 Ipm
  • Chetwall 1535 VE


The same name has become Chatwell in St. The probable etymology is 'Ceatta's spring', with the Mercian form of welle. The supposed personal name is, however, not on record. Searle cited a saint called Ceatta , and this caused the name to be accepted as authenticated in DEPN and in EPNS volumes, despite the caution expressed by Redin.A number of p.ns. besides the present one have accordingly been derived from pers.ns. Ceatt and Ceatta . These include Chatford in Part 2, Chatburn and Chat Moss La, Chatcull St, Chatley Ess, Chatsworth DB, Chattisham Sf and Chatton Nb. Searle's Ceatta is actually a poor form for Ceadda , St Chad, so the personal names *Ceatt (a ) are only inferences from place-names. The bounds of Clyffe Pypard W in S 848 mention ceattan broc and ceattan mære .