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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Westune 1086 DB
  • Album Monasterium 1199 P 1337 Pat
  • Blancmustier c.1200 MM 1211 P
  • Blancum Monasterium 1207,9,14 P
  • Blancmostiers c.1320 FFW
  • Blankmostier 1327 Pat
  • Blanmouster 1337 Cl
  • Blanmoster 1339 Cl
  • Blankmouster 1343 Cl
  • Blaunkmonst(i)er 1346 Pat
  • Blankmonster 1349 Pat
  • Whytchyrche 1271-2 Ass
  • Wytcherche 1304 Pat
  • Whitechirche 1307 Pat 1750 PR(L)
  • Wytechirche 1324 Ipm
  • Blauminister (p), Blammoster (p), Blaminister 1281 Ipm
  • Blammonster 1345 Pat
  • Qwicherche, The Qwicherche 1427 Cl


'West settlement', later 'white church'.

The precise significance of 'west' is obscure, and there is no record of the building of the church which brought about the change of name. Whit(e)church is the commonest -church compound in English place-names. Examples in Wales, He and Sa share the characteristic of translation into Latin, and sometimes French, in records. Oswestry (supra ) was called Album Monasterium or Blancmuster before the modern name asserted its primacy. There is no record of the vernacular Whit (e )church in the Oswestry forms, however.

The Tithe Survey recognises 12 townships – Alkington, Ash Magna, Ash Parva, Broughall, Dodington, Edgeley, Hinton, Hollyhurst and Chinnel, Tilstock, Whitchurch, New Woodhouse, Old Woodhouse – and the place-name material has been arranged within the framework of these units. They vary in size from Hollyhurst and Chinnel, with 72 numbered fields in the TA , to Tilstock, with 712.

Major Settlements

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