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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Hantone 1086 DB
  • Hanton 1255 RH
  • Henton 1272,4 Eyton
  • Hampton 1316 FA
  • Hampton by Culmere 1341 Pat
  • Hampton Culmere 1403 Pat
  • Hampton' iuxta Ellesmer' 1421 SBL3650
  • Welch Hampton 1649 SAS4/VII c.1860 Eyton
  • Welsh Hampton 1726 SBL5268
  • Welch Hamton 1715 PR(L)
  • Hamton 1720 PR(StA) 1736 PR(L)
  • Hampton' 1291-2 Ass
  • Hempton' 1255-6 Ass


'High estate', OE  (æt þǣm ) hēan tūne , which sometimes becomes Hempton. The village does not stand very high, but the name may have been understood as referring to the whole estate.The northern part of the parish is hilly.

There are two other examples in Shropshire. Hampton in Worthen is Hampton '1291-2Ass (one estate there is Hampton Howel , a form wrongly cited in DEPN under Welshampton).Hampton in Chelmarsh is Hempton '1255-6Ass , and the Hemp - forms persist in that name till the 17th cent.

Affixes to Welshampton are probably for distinction from the Worthen name. 'Welsh' refers to the proximity of a detached part of Flintshire.

Places in this Parish