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Stanton upon Hine Heath

Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Stantune 1086 DB
  • Stanton' 1201 P
  • Staunton' 1242 Fees 1720 SBL6517
  • Standon 1284-5 FA
  • Stanton upon Hyne Heth 1327 Pat
  • - in Hynehet l.14th SAC
  • - upon Hindheath 1720 SBL6517
  • bruera de Hynehethe 1291-2 Ass
  • Highnehethe 1421 Cl
  • Hyne Heath 1552 Pat
  • Hind Heath 1796 SBL5374


The earliest instance noted of the affix is in the form Stanton upon Hyne Heth 1327 Pat. Other forms include - in Hynehet l.14th SAC, - upon Hindheath 1720SBL 6517 . The same affix was used for High Hatton, supra .

Independent references to the heath are bruera de Hynehethe 1291-2Ass , Highnehethe 1421 Cl, Hyne Heath 1552 Pat, Hind Heath 1796SBL 5374 . The first element is the word discussed under Hinstock which usually means 'monastic household' in pre-Conquest place-names, but is likely to mean 'domestic servants' in names of later origin. The exact significance is not clear in this instance.

There are TAMaps for four townships, Harcourt, High Hatton, Moston and Stanton. A fifth township, Booley, is shown as a separate entity on the Index to Tithe Survey map, but the Foxall set does not contain a map for it.

Major Settlements