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Stanton Long

Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Stantune 901 S 1086 DB
  • Stanton' 1167,94,5 P
  • Staunton c.1215 HAC 1287 Cl
  • Longa Stantona c.1235 HAC
  • Longestanton 1255 RH 1315 Ipm 1316 Pat
  • Longstanton 1577 Saxton 1605 PR(H)
  • Lang Stanton 1690-1,1738 PR(H)
  • Long Stanton 1729 PR(H) 1833 PR(L)
  • Longa Staunton', Longa Stauntun' 1250 Fees
  • Longestaunton 1271-2 Ass 1301 InqMisc
  • Longstaunton 1548,52 Pat
  • Long Staunton 1590 SBL6333 1753 PR(H)
  • Longeston' 1251 Fees
  • Lungestainton 1255-6 Ass
  • Staunton Longe 1577 PR(H)
  • Stanton Long 1698 PR(H)
  • Dirty Stanton 1685 PRCleeStMargaret 1703 PR(H)


The village straggles along a road, and this contrasts with the compact shape of Stanton Lacy at the other end of Corve Dale.In 1255-6Ass the affix templi 'of the Templars' is used once. In 17th-cent. parish registers the place is occasionally called - in Cordale . Dirty Stanton 1685PRClee St Margaret , 1703 PR(H) 13 appears to be this place.

The shape of the parish is curious. As stated in VCH X (p. 169) it consists of “two compact blocks joined by a narrow isthmus, the southern block formerly containing detached portions of Holdgate parish”. The VCH X account attributes the formation of this unit to 12th- century rearrangements resulting from the foundation of new manorial churches at Holdgate and Stanton Long. For the purposes of the EPNS survey the detached parts of Holdgate have been included in this parish, to which they were transferred in 1883 and 1884.

Major Settlements