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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Riseberie 1086 DB
  • Risseberia c.1200 ForProc
  • Rysebur' 1271-2 Ass
  • Ryssebury c.1291 TN
  • Rusberia c.1158 SAC 1723 PR(H)
  • Russbury 1346,1428 FA
  • Risberi 1200 Cur
  • Risbiri 1208-9 ForProc
  • Russeberi 1200 Cur 1318 Ch
  • Russhebur 1283 Ch 1549 Pat
  • Ruschebury 1306-7 Ass
  • Ruyshebury 1316 FA
  • Ryshbury, Rishbury 1327 Pat
  • Rushbury 1577 Saxton
  • Rushbry 1745 PRCardington


'Rush manor', from OE  rysc and byrig, dat. of burh . The name would be appropriate to a prehistoric fort, but there is no record of such a feature here. rysc occurs with other habitative terms, particularly tūn .

As treated here, the parish contains the six townships of Eastwall, Gretton, Rushbury, Stoneacton, Wall under Heywood, Wilderhope and Stanway. This was the situation after some rearrangements in 1883. Further changes in 1967 have been disregarded.

Major Settlements