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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Mulleht 1086 DB
  • Muthla 1121 SAC
  • Mhutle 1242 Fees
  • Mudla 1155 SAC
  • Mudle c.1220 FFW 1450 Cl
  • Mudley 1291-2 Ass
  • Mudele 1234,1315,37,98 Pat 1251,72,1373 Cl 1291-2 Ass 1316,1431 FA 1381 HAC
  • Mudell 1379 Pat
  • Midele, Mydele 1255-6 Ass
  • Middell 1272 Ipm
  • Middle 1535 VE
  • Myddle 1554 SBL3606
  • Mydle 1615 SBL15755
  • Midle 1672 HTR 1721 SBL6521
  • Middle alias Mudhall 1646 SBL5827
  • Modle c.1291 TN
  • Muddle 1303,40 Pat 1346,1428 FA
  • Medle 1308 Strange
  • Mytley 1421,2,36 Fine
  • Meddyll 1499 Ipm
  • Medill 1539 AD


Myddle has been explained as a compound of gemȳðe 'stream-junction' and lēah 'wood, clearing'. A full range of spellings supports this derivation for the first element, but it is not possible to accept lēah as the generic. The spellings for Alveley (supra ) may be compared. Alveley is OE  Ælfgȳðelēah , which offers a close parallel to the postulated *gemȳðelēah , but there is no sign of reduction of lēah to -la , -le in the earliest spellings, and it is usually -lei , -ley (e ), -leg (e ) even in the later ones.

Myddle may derive from a diminutive of gemȳðe formed with the suffix -el . A name meaning 'miniature stream-junction' may have suited the site in the Dark Ages. It is necessary to postulate some alteration in drainage in order to derive the name from gemȳðe or *gemȳðel .

DEPN discusses the name under the form Middle, which is the spelling used on Baugh, on the 19th-cent. 1″, and in the TA .

The arrangement under townships of the place-name material for this parish presents formidable problems, and the solutions adopted here are to some extent arbitrary.

Major Settlements