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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Cuneet 1086 DB
  • Cunette 1240 Cl
  • Cunet' 1243 Cl
  • Cona 1221-2 Ass
  • Conet 1242,3 Pat 1255 RH 1271-2,91-2 Ass 1294 InqMisc
  • Conet' 1243 Cl
  • Canet 1271-2 Ass
  • Cuned 1254 Pat
  • Cunede 1261-2 ForProc 1271-2 Ass
  • Conede 1255 RH 1397 InqMisc
  • Gonede 1255-6 Ass
  • Conode 1416 Fine
  • Cunde 1351 Pat 1577 Saxton 1750 PR(L)
  • Cund 1675 Ogilby 1798 SBL3549
  • Cund als Cond 1690-1 SBL5230
  • Counde 1397 Pat 1535 VE c.1540 Leland 1750 PR(L) 1809 PR(L)
  • Counde alias Conede 1397 Pat
  • Cownde 1535 VE
  • Cound 1571 PR(L)
  • Conde 1421 Fine 1581 PR(H) 1636 SBL5135 1705 PR(H) 1768 PR(L)
  • Cond 1697 PR(H) 1732 PR(H) 1768 PR(L)


The two settlements of Upper and Lower Cound are recorded as Nether Cound 1571 PR(L) 2, Over Cound 1572 ib. Ogilby shows Cund and Upper Cund .

The name is that of Cound Brook, transferred to the settlement. There is agreement among philologists that Cound is the same river-name as Kennet Berks/W, Kennett Sf/Ca, Kent We/La, from a British C ŭnē ŭ , of unsolved derivation.

DB Cuneet suggests that the ē of the British name was preserved for a time in the second syllable. The modern pronunciation of Cound is [kund], and the vowel of the first syllable was probably u but Counde 1397 indicates an alternative pronunciation [ku:nd], with a long vowel, for the shortened name.This occasional pronunciation produced the fossilized spelling of the modern form.

There are four townships: Upper and Lower Cound, Golding and Harnage. The TAMap is for the whole parish, but the township boundaries can be recovered approximately from the 19th-cent. Index to Tithe Survey OS 1″ map. Harnage is very much larger than the others, but it is clear from the bounds of Harnage Grange 1232 Dugdale that the Grange and Moreton were once distinct units in this large area.

Major Settlements