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Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Conedovre (ter), Conendovre 1086 DB
  • Conedovera c.1090,1121,55 SAC
  • Conedome 1167 P
  • Conedovere 1280 SAC 1366 Ipm
  • Cunedoura 1130 SAC 1267 Pat
  • Condoura 1177 P
  • Condovere 1291 Ipm 1421 Cl
  • Condover 1494 Ipm
  • Cunesdour' 1235 Cl
  • Candever 1252 Pat
  • Cunnedever' 1252 Cl
  • Cunn(e)dovre 1265 Pat
  • Conedor' 1255-6 Ass
  • Conedore 1364 Ch
  • Goundovere 1258 InqMisc
  • Condore 1416 AD 1437 Fine
  • Conder 1577 Saxton
  • Condor 1584 SBL6631
  • Condover alias Condor 1586 SBL7035
  • Cundover alias Condover 1580 SBL6586
  • Cundover 1614 PR(StA) 1799 PR(H)
  • Cundofer 1642 PR(H)
  • Cunder 1587 SBL6674
  • Cundover vulgo Cunder 1675 Ogilby
  • Cundor 1694-5 PR(H)


'Flat-topped ridge overlooking the R. Cound'. See Cound for a discussion of the river-name, and Wentnor for the second element, ofer. The ridge at Condover is a low one, and the configuration is difficult to appreciate in the village, but it can be made out on OS maps, and is clearly shown by the hachuring on the 19th-cent. 1″.

The shortened form spelt Cunder /Cundor survives in local speech, together with the longer forms represented by the spellings Cundover /Condover .

Condover is a large parish containing the townships of Allfield, Bayston, Boreton, Chatford, Condover, Dorrington, Great Lyth, Little Lyth, Norton, Great Ryton, Little Ryton, Westley and Wheatall. Since 1934 the parish has also contained an area on the outskirts of Shrewsbury comprising Hookagate, Pulley, Whitley, Welbatch and part of Bayston Hill. This area was transferred from the ancient parish of Meole Brace. It will be treated under the Liberties of Shrewsbury.

Major Settlements

Other places in this Parish