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Acton Scott

Parish in the County of Shropshire

Historical Forms

  • Actune 1086 DB
  • Acton 1255 RH
  • Acton' Longefeud' 1255-6 Ass
  • Acton' in longefeld' 1261-2 ForProc
  • Acton' longfeld 1271-2 Ass
  • Acton in Longefeld 1284-5 FA
  • Scottes Acton, Skottesacton 1289 InqMisc
  • Actone Schottes l.13th ForProc
  • Acton' Scottes 1291-2 Ass
  • Acton Scot 1301 SAC 1675 Ogilby
  • Scotus Acton 1316 FA
  • Actonscott 1502 Ipm
  • Acton of the Hill 1702 PR(L)
  • Acton Scote 1718 PR(H)
  • Hokwode 1271-2 ForProc
  • Ocwode 1291-2 Ass


Oak trees are referred to again in the name Oakwood in this parish, which is Hokwode 1271-2ForProc , Ocwode 1291-2Ass .

The affix Longefeud ', in Longefeld is a district-name which has survived as the name of two settlements, Cheney Longville and Longville in the Dale, lying S.W. and N.E. of Acton Scott. The 'long open land' was a strip of ground at the foot of the chain of hills which separates these settlements from the valley of Church Stretton. The surviving affix is a family name; Reginald Scot ' was in possession of the manor in 1255 RH. The affix of the Hill survived into modern times; Foxall's Gazetteer gives 'Acton Scott (or Acton on the Hill)'.