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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wootton

Historical Forms

  • (æt) Wudutune 958 BCS1042 12th
  • Oitone, Optone 1086 DB
  • Wuttona 1163 P 1285 Ass
  • Wotton' c.1180–90 Frid c.1425 Ch 1277
  • Wotone 1526 LS
  • Wttona 1186–96 Eynsh 1246–7 Ass
  • Wittona c.1190–6 Eynsh
  • Witon' 1216 Cl


'tūnin a wood,' v. wudu . widu , an earlier form of the word, occurs occasionally in OE, and frequently in place-names. On the second of the DB forms v. the hundred-name supra 244.