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Bloxham Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stonesfield

Historical Forms

  • bosco…de Blockesham 1234 Cl
  • bosco de Bloxam 1254–5 RH
  • boscum de Bloxham 1298 Eynsh
  • Erleswode de Bloxham 1298 Eynsh


Bloxham Wood (lost) is boscode Blockesham 1234 Cl, bosco de Bloxam 1254–5 RH, boscum de Bloxham 1298 Eynsh. Bloxham is about ten miles north, but this wood is clearly somewhere near the west boundary of Stonesfield. There is also an Erleswode de Bloxham 1298 Eynsh, probably a part of the above.

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