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Knightsbridge Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Shirburn

Historical Forms

  • Cnihtabryge late10th BCS216 11th
  • Chistebrigg' c.1211–12 S c.1280
  • Chicchesbrig', Knitebrigg' c.1225 S c.1280


Knightsbridge Fm takes name from Cnihtabryge late 10th (11th) BCS 216, Chistebrigg 'c. 1211–12 (c. 1280) S, Chicchesbrig ', Knitebrigg 'c. 1225 (c. 1280) S. 'Bridge of the young men,' v. cniht .Identical with Knightsbridge PN Mx 169. Chiste - and Chicces - are misreadings for Cniste - and Cnictes -. The name occurs again in Shifford (328).