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Minchery Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Sandford on Thames

Historical Forms

  • (an antient house called) Mincherie or Minchionrea 1661 NED
  • the Minshery 1710 NED
  • Littlemore Minchery 1893 NED


Minchery Fm (6″) takes name from (an antient house called ) Mincherie or Minchionrea 1661 NED, the Minshery 1710 NED, Littlemore Minchery 1893 NED. This term for a nunnery (from minchen , v. infra 188, and -ry ) is first recorded in this place-name: the NED says it was “thence adopted in general application by archaizing writers.” There are slight remains of the Benedictine Nunnery known as Littlemore or Sandford (Dugdale iv, 491).

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