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Pinsey Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirtlington

Historical Forms

  • Pydhyngeye early13th StJohn
  • Pithingee, Pepinghee early13th AD
  • Pizingehe c.1245 AD
  • Pythengheye 1261 StJohn
  • Pydingheye c.1275 Frid
  • Pyngeye 1422 Rental
  • Pyngey 1470–1 CourtR 1476–7 Rental
  • Pynghey, Pinghey 1591 Survey


Pinsey Bridge (6″) takes name from Pydygey , (prato q. v .) Pydhyngeye early 13thSt John , Pithingee , Pepinghee early 13th AD, Pizingehe c. 1245 AD, Pythengheye 1261St John , Pydingheye c. 1275 Frid, Pyngeye 1422Rental , Pyngey 1470–1CourtR , 1476–7Rental , Pynghey , Pinghey 1591Survey . None of the forms is really early, but such as they are they suggest that the original form of the first element was OE  piðing . This might be related to OE  piða , 'pith,' but it is difficult to see the meaning. Second element probably (ge)hæg, 'enclosure,' v. Addenda liii.