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Hained-in Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ipsden

Historical Forms

  • Hahinge 1200 BC c.1444
  • Hainge 1200 Thame early13th
  • Hahninge 1200 FF
  • Hainges c.1215 Norman


Hained-in Wood (6″) is Hahinge 1200 (c. 1444) BC, Hainge 1200 (early 13th) Thame, Hahninge 1200 FF, Hainges c. 1215 Norman.The name Hawyngebasset , Hawyggebasset appears 1263 FF in this region, the suffix being the surname Basset found in Bassett Wood (v. supra 56). Cf. also Hawyngwood 1487 AD, in Kingston Blount about nine miles north of Ipsden. These names might contain an unrecorded derivative of OE  haga, 'enclosure.'