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Phyllis Court

Early-attested site in the Parish of Henley upon Thames

Historical Forms

  • Filettes 1341,45,53 Cl
  • Fylettes 1344 Cl
  • Fillete Court 1348 Henley
  • Fillettes Court 1393 Henley
  • Felett' Courte 1487 Henley
  • Filettys 1530 FF
  • Fyllettes 1575 FF late16th Survey
  • Phyllettes late16th Survey


Phyllis Court is Filettes 1341, 45, 53 Cl, Fylettes 1344 Cl, Fillete Court 1348Henley , Fillettes Court 1393Henley , Felett ' Courte 1487Henley , Filettys 1530FF , Fyllettes 1575FF , late 16thSurvey , Phyllettes late 16thSurvey . OE  filiþe, 'hay' (v. DEPN), is the first element of Feltham (Fylethamm , Fælethamm 882 BCS 550, Filetham 1243Ass ), Filleigh, Felton (all in So), Filton in Gl, and some Fawleys. In 943 BCS 780 it appears uncompounded as the name of a place—up on fileþa . This is probably the acc. pl. with -a for original -u , in which case the meaning cannot be 'hay,' but as Ekwall suggests it could well be 'hayfield.' The original name of Phyllis Court may have been a similar use of the word. Cf. Filletts Fm, PN Herts 193, for which there is one form, Fylettes 1551.

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