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Berring's Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Glympton

Historical Forms

  • Buriens, Boryens 1245–6 For
  • (Hamelet' de) Boriens 1278–9 RH
  • Bor(i)ens 1278–9 RH
  • Bononz 1316 FA
  • Beryams, Boryams 1610 Glymp


Berring's Wood (6″) takes name from Buriens , Boryens 1245–6For (p), (Hamelet ' de ) Boriens 1278–9 RH, Bor (i )ens 1278–9 RH (p), Bononz (? for Borienz ) 1316 FA, Beryams , Boryams 1610 Glymp. Cf. Berins Lane , Berins closes , Beryns Lane end 1608–9Survey , Boriams hill 1653 Glymp. The plural of OE  byrgen, 'burial place.' The early field- names of the neighbouring parish of Steeple Barton are interesting in this connection. There are four names which contain hlāw , 'tumulus,' and two which refer respectively to goblins and to a demon. No medieval field-names have been found for Glympton itself. v. Addenda liii.