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Bitterall Lane

Field in the Parish of Eynsham

Historical Forms

  • 1802 EnclA
  • Bytterhal 1481–3 CourtR
  • Bitterolls 1656 Bodl


Bitterall Lane(Betterhale 1228–39, Bitterhale 1241–64, Biterhale, Byterhale 1363, Bytterhal 1481–3 CourtR, Bitterolls 1656 Bodl,second element h(e)alh; Chambers(109) says that the locality favours theinterpretation of the first as'bittern': botor is the only spelling of this wordon record before 1388, when it appears with an -i - in Chaucer—”as a Bitorebombleth in the Myre”—but the word is not well recorded in ME, and thisname may contain a form of it)