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Claywell Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ducklington

Historical Forms

  • Welde 1086 DB 1320 Eynsh 1429–30 Extent
  • Wealde 1170–90,79,94–5 Eynsh
  • Estwald' 1268 Ass
  • Estwelde 1278–9 RH 1316 FA
  • Claywell Field, Claywell Hill c.1840 TA


Claywell Fm takes name from Welde 1086 DB, 1320 Eynsh, 1429–30Extent , Wealde 1170–90, 79, 94–5 Eynsh, Estwald '1268Ass , Estwelde 1278–9 RH, 1316 FA. The original name is OE  w(e)ald, to which 'east' was added, perhaps for distinction from Weald in Bampton which is Westweld in 1246–7. If the identification be correct, the name has been completely transformed by the substitution of 'clay' for 'east' and the confusion of the second element with 'well.' The modern name appears as Claywell Field , Claywell Hill c. 1840TA .

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