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Major Settlement in the Parish of Culham

Historical Forms

  • Culeham 821 BCS366 c.1200 Abingdon 1225
  • Culanhom 821 BCS366 c.1225
  • Culanham 940 BCS759 c.1200
  • Cullanham c.1200 BCS759
  • Chuleham 1146 Abingdon c.1225
  • Coleham 1152 Abingdon c.1225 Frid c.1190–1200 c.1425
  • Culneham 1526 LS
  • Cullum 1675 Ogilby


'*Cūla 's hamm.' The second element obviously refers to the position of the place in a bend of the Thames. The personal name is only found in place-names. BCS 759 also mentions Culenhema dic ; v. hǣme , dīc .