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Catsham Lane and Catsham Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chadlington

Historical Forms

  • Caytisham Lane 1551–2 Survey
  • Catsham Bridge 1822 O.S.
  • C(h)attesham 1241–64 Eynsh
  • Cattesham 1278–9 RH
  • Catte(s)ham 1328 Eynsh
  • Catesham 1539 Eynsh
  • Cattesham meadow 1551–2 Survey


Catsham Lane and Catsham Bridge (both 6″) are Caytisham Lane 1551–2Survey , Catsham Bridge 1822 O.S. The same name occurs as that of a lost place in Tackley—C (h )attesham 1241–64 Eynsh, Cattesham 1278–9 RH, Catte (s )ham 1328 Eynsh, Catesham 1539 Eynsh, cf. Catesham brigge 1442–4 Eynsh, Catsham or Catsome Leys c. 1840TA —and there is a Catsham Way 1679 Blo in Middleton Stoney, probably leading to the place in Tackley. There is also a Cattesham meadow 1551–2Survey , in Shipton under Wychwood. 'River meadow frequented by cats,' v. hamm .