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Burleigh Fm, Burleigh Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cassington

Historical Forms

  • Burgesia c.1200 Belvoir
  • Buroule, Beroule 1254–5 RH
  • (bosco de) Burgwele 1266 Ch
  • Burleghe 1271–2 For
  • (bosco de) Borgelegh 1273–4 RH
  • Boroule 1278–9 RH
  • (bosco de) Burghwele 1306 Cl
  • (bosco de) Burghle 1310 Cl
  • Burghwell 1320 Cl
  • Burgwole 1330 Ch


Burleigh Fm, Burleigh Wood take name from (hyða of) Burgesia (? Burgelia ) c. 1200 Belvoir, Buroule , Beroule 1254–5 RH, (bosco de ) Burgwele 1266 Ch, Burleghe 1271–2For , (bosco de ) Borgelegh 1273–4 RH, Boroule 1278–9 RH, (bosco de ) Burghwele 1306 Cl, (bosco de ) Burghle 1310 Cl, Burghwell 1320 Cl, Burgwole 1330 Ch. Cf. Burleigh feld 1606–7Survey , Burley Wood and meadow 1608–9Survey . 'Wood by a burh,' v. (a)h. The burh is doubtless the earthwork on Bladon Heath. There is confusion between (a)h and w(i)elle in the second element, possibly due to the proximity of Purwell Fm. The early spellings for Burleigh PN Herts 131 show some similarity to these, without the confusion with w(i)elle.

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