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Cadwell Covert, Cadwell Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brightwell Baldwin

Historical Forms

  • Cadewelle 1086 DB 1326 Ipm
  • Chadewell' 1216 Cl
  • Kad(e)walle 1196 FF
  • Cadwal 1582 Pat
  • Cadwallis 1627–8 Pat 1651 FF
  • Kaldewell' 1205 Cur
  • Caudewell 1206 Cur
  • Chaudewell' 1240–1 Ass
  • Radewella 1217 Bract
  • Codewelle 1285 Ass
  • Cadwelles c.1605 Survey
  • Cadandune 887 BCS547 11th


'Cada 's spring or stream,' v. w(i)elle. Cadandune 887 (11th) BCS 547 is named from the same man, v. dūn . The forms from 1196 FF were noted by Ekwall (Contributions to the History of OE Dialects , Lund 1917, p. 48) as “presumably due to some special circumstance (influence from wallen vb. or the like).” Forms with -wal (l ) have been noted also in the 16th and 17th centuries, however, and there may have been a local form of the name with a second element derived from WMidland wælle .