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Major Settlement in the Parish of Badgemore

Historical Forms

  • Begevrde 1086 DB
  • Bagerigge 1181 P 1401–2 FA
  • Baggerige 1182 P 1606 Bodl
  • Baderug 1186 P
  • Baierigge 1201 FF 1285 Ass
  • Backorig mid13th AD
  • Beueregge 1285 Ass
  • Baggregge 1285 Ass
  • Bagrugg 1330 FA
  • Bugerugge 1361 Ipm
  • Badgmoor 1797 Davis


There are references to this place in some unpublished Bodleian charters, which throw light on the change in the second element of the name. The forms are Bag (g )erugge , Bagemercroft , Bagemergrene 1425, Baiemere Crofte , Baierugge 1567, Baiemore crofte , Baieruge 1594, Badgmore Crofte , Baggeridge 1606, Badgmore croft , Baggeridge 1662, 1710–11. The first element is probably a personal name *Bæcga .If so, a man called Bæcga gave his name to a ridge (v. hrycg ) and to some marshy land by the river in this region. The name of the field by the river eventually supplanted that of the ridge as the village name. It is uncertain whether the croft had mere or mōr for the second element of its name, but this makes little difference to the meaning.

The DB form should perhaps be disregarded. If it is taken seriously, it indicates the existence also of a worþ , taking name from the same man. A close parallel is found in the DB form—Beiewrde — for Badgeworth Gl.

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