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Prospect Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Aston Rowant

Historical Forms

  • Trendel 1179 Thame early13th
  • Trindhulle c.1197 Thame c.1200


Prospect Hill may be Trendel 1179 (early 13th) Thame, Trindhulle c. 1197 (c. 1200) Thame. It is impossible to be certain, however, whether or not these two forms represent different names. The earlier looks like OE  trendel , 'circle,' and the later, if it be not a corruption of the earlier, is composed of hyll and the adjective *trind , 'round,' assumed by Ekwall (DEPN) as the first element of Tirley Gl, to which name there are a number of parallels in the charters.