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Major Settlement in the Parish of Lowdham

Historical Forms

  • Ludehā 1086 DB
  • Ludeham 1149–53 DuLa 1276 RH
  • Ludhā 1086 DB
  • Ludham 1088 Dugdiv c.1200 Wollaton 1211 RBE 1212,1242 Fees 1218 FF
  • Ludam c.1170 Wollaton
  • Luddeham 1192 France 1201 Dugdiv
  • Ludenham 1255 Pat
  • Luddham 1257 Cl
  • Loud(h)am 1257,1299 Ipm 1302 FA 1319 FF
  • Loutham 1385 BM
  • Loudeham 1280,1335 Ass
  • Lowdam 1497 Wollaton
  • Lowdeham 1515 NtIpm
  • Lowtham al. Lowdam 1678 FF
  • Lewdham al. Lowdham 1726 Recov


With Ekwall (DEPN) we might take this to be 'Hlūda 's ham' from a man bearing the unrecorded nickname *Hlūda , 'loud one,' or say that hlūde , 'loud one' may have been an alternative name for Cocker Beck (supra 3) but this is a case in which one can be really definite about toponymics. The Cocker Beck is a slowly-moving clay stream and the hlūde interpretation impossible. We may further compare the form Hludantun for Lutton (L) found in a pseudo-charter of the 10th century printed in Collect . Topographica et Genealogica iv, 54. In Lutton, just as in Lowdham, a 'loud' stream is out of the question.

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