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Major Settlement in the Parish of Granby

Historical Forms

  • Granebi 1086 DB 1235 Fees
  • Graneby c.1155 Thurgarton 1242 Belv 1252 Fees 1346 Ch
  • Grenebi 1086 DB t.Ric1 Ch 1308 BM 1170–84
  • Grenesbi c.1170 AC
  • Gerneby 1252 Ebor 1265 Misc
  • Granby 1284,1428 FA
  • Grandby(e) 1535 VE 1624,1646 FF


Apparently 'Grani 's by,' Gráni being an OScand name. The e -forms, as noted by Ekwall (DEPN), are curious, unless we explain them by supposing that side by side with Gráni there was a mutated form Græni , cf. OE  Frǣna side by side with OScand  Fráni .

In the Thurgarton Cartulary we have mention in a document relating to the neighbouring parish of Barnstone of a Granehou or Grenehou (c. 1200), near to Granby Fields. So similarly in Lincolnshire places called Leggeshou and Catehou occur close to the villages of Legsby and Cadeby, and it is not improbable that there as here the haugr or burial-mound of the man who gave name to the village is indicated. Cf. Introd. xxi.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

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