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Cropwell Bishop and Cropwell Butler

Major Settlement in the Parish of Cropwell Bishop and Butler

Historical Forms

  • Crophille, Crophelle 1086 DB
  • Crophulla que fuit terra Ricardi Pincerne 1178 P
  • Crophulla 1198 Cur
  • Cropphill 1226 FF
  • Croppill 1230 Pat
  • Croppehill c.1240 Thurgarton
  • Croppehull 1316 FA
  • Croppill Boteiller 1265 Misc
  • Cropphil Boteler 1276 RH
  • Crophyll Buteiller 1281 FF
  • Croppilboteler 1302 FA
  • Croppehill Botiller 1305 Ass
  • Bischopcroppehill, Bissop Croppehull 1280 Ass
  • Croppehull Episcopi 1316 FA
  • Crophilbisshop 1330 Ass
  • Cropwell Botler 1538 FF
  • Cropwell Byshop 1562 ib
  • Crophill al. Cropwell Butler 1684 Recov
  • Hou-Hill 1677 Thoroton
  • Hoe Hill 1806 King


Cropwell Bishop and Cropwell Butler clearly take their name from the small but prominent round hill, now called Hoe Hill (Hou -Hill 1677 Thoroton, Hoe Hill 1806 King), between the two villages. The first element is either OE  cropp , 'sprout, bunch,' or else the Scandinavian kroppr , 'hump.' etc., cf. Cropton (PN NRY 78). Cropwell Bishop was held by the Archbishop of York. Cropwell Butler was held by Ricardus Pincerna already in 1178 (P), and the lordship long remained with the Butlers of Warrington.

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