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Weedon Beck

Major Settlement in the Parish of Weedon Beck

Historical Forms

  • weoduninga gemære 944 BCS792
  • Wedon(e) 1086 DB 1401 Cl
  • Northwedon 1289 Cl
  • Wedon Beke 1379 Cl
  • Wedon Beek 1432 ADiv
  • Weddona 1166 P
  • Whedon 1252 Ch
  • Weydon 1285 Ass
  • Over Wedon, Nether Wedon 1524 SR
  • Wedon in the Strete 1440 Pat
  • Wedon in Strett 1498 AD
  • Weedon in ye Street 1657 NRS i


'Hill with the temple or sacred place,' v. dun and cf. Weedon PN Bk 85 and Harrowden infra 125. The manor belonged to the monks of the abbey of Bec Hellouin (Normandy) (1166 P), cf. Tooting Bee (Sr). North in contrast to Weedon Lois infra 45.It was sometimes called Church Weedon (Bridges i, 93) to distinguish it from the adjoining hamlet of Upper Weedon. It was also called Wedon in the Strete 1440 Pat, Wedon in Strett 1498AD , Weedon in ye Street 1657 NRS i, i.e. on Watling Street, this part of the parish being now called Road Weedon.

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