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Bidwell Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Titchmarsh

Historical Forms

  • Bidewell 1227 FF
  • Bydwell meade t.Eliz Rental
  • Bydewil 1043 KCD767
  • Bedewell 1248 Ass
  • Bedewell 1307 SR
  • Bydemulle 1331 Ipm


Bidwell Fm (6″) is Bidewell 1227FF , Bydwell meade t. ElizRental . This would seem to be identical with Bydewil (1043 KCD 767) in Wiltshire, Bidwell (PN BedsHu 128), Biddles Fm (PN Bk 216), Bedlar's Green in Hallingbury (Ess), earlier Bedewelle , Beddell in Stanway, Bedwell in Aldham, Bedewelle in Widford (1280Ct ), Bedwell in Ashton (1548 Pat) all in Essex, Bedewell in Willesden (Mx) (1304, 1420 AD iv), Bedwell in Essendon (Herts) (Bedewell 1248Ass ) and in Stevenage (Herts) (Bedewell 1307SR (p)) and two Bidwells in Devon and one in Somerset (PN D 410, 573). We may note also Bydemulle (1331 Ipm) in Hammoon (Do), and Bibbern Brook (Do), bydeburna BCS 696. This series of names makes it clear that the first element is a significant word. It is probably an OE  *byde (discussed in PN D 410), meaning 'hollow, depression,' found in such a personal name as Joseph Attebyde of Ardleigh (Ess) (1248Ass ). He probably lived near such a hollow.

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