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Major Settlement in the Parish of Tiffield

Historical Forms

  • Tifeld(e), Tyfeld 1086 DB 1275 RH
  • Teiffeld 1162 P(CR)
  • Tiffeld, Tyffeld 1182 P 12th Survey
  • Tiffil 1675 Ogilby
  • Tythefeld al. Tyghfelde 1551 Pat
  • Tithfield 1613 Pat
  • Tighfield al. Tiffield 1695 Recov
  • Tiffield al. Tighfield al. Tithfield t.Geo3 FF


This name is probably a compound of OE  feld and tig or tih .That word is found in the OE  compound tūn -tih , and is clearly the same as the tig of OE  foretig , forðtig , 'forecourt' (see Wallenberg, KPN 106) and probably also found in the compound tigwellan (BCS 1023). We know nothing definite as to its meaning in OE. Hellquist (s. v. teg ) takes it to be identical with OHG  zich , MHG  tig , 'public meeting-place in a village.'Hellquist and Torp (s. v. teig ) agree in taking the original stem to be Indo-Ger *dic , 'direction,' but no precise definition of the meaning of the word in English is possible. It is not the same word as OE  tēag , dialectal (Ess, K, Sx) tye , used variously to denote (a ) 'common pasture or field,' (b ) 'close,' 'enclosure.'Tiffield is therefore 'open land marked by the presence of a tig , but what precisely that was, we cannot say. See further Jellinghaus, Die Westfalischen ON , s. v. ti on this word and its distribution in north-west Germany, v. Addenda lii.

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