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Major Settlement in the Parish of Oundle

Historical Forms

  • (in) Undolum c.725 Eddius 11th
  • Undola c.1000 Saints
  • in provincia Undalum c.750 Bede
  • in Undalum 709 ASC 12th
  • (to) Undelan, Vndelum 963 BCS1128,1129 c.1200
  • Undele 1086 DB 1316 FA
  • (on) Undalana mægþe, an þære mægþe seo is gecyged Inundalum c.1100 ASBede
  • Vndle 1183 P
  • Undle 1189 Ch 1332 FF 1260 Ch 1268 Pat 1375
  • Undel 1189 Ch 1332 Ch 1227 Bracton 1231
  • Hundel 1270 Ch
  • Oundel 1301 Seld9
  • Owendell 1430 Pat
  • Owndale 1675 Ogilby


Oundle is clearly an old regional name. Like many such names it presents great difficulty, and no solution can be offered here.It may be noted that the older etymologies, which suggested that the second element was 'dale,' are rendered impossible by the OE forms, and they make it even more obvious that 16th cent, topographers, such as Camden, had no justification for suggesting that the name was really Avon-dale .

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