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Major Settlement in the Parish of Holdenby

Historical Forms

  • Aldenesbi 1086 DB
  • Aldenebi 1184 P
  • Audenebi 1200 Cur
  • Haldenebi 1169 P 1317 ADiv
  • Haudenebi 1200 Cur
  • Haudenesby 1201 PatR
  • Haldaneby 1247 Ass
  • Haldenby 1298 Ipm 1306 Ch 1428 FA
  • Holmby al. Holdenbye 1568 FF
  • Holmeby al. Holdenby 1607 Recov
  • Holmby, Homby 1675 Ogilby


'Halfdan 's by.' The pers. name Halfdan or Haldan was very common in all the three Scandinavian kingdoms, and was borne by one of the chief leaders of the Viking invasions of this country.The local pronunciation Holmby is familiar to us in Holdenby or Holmby House , where Charles I was a prisoner in 1646.

If Aldenestone (DB) is Holdenby, we may have a variant form of this name with second element tun rather than by. (Cf. VCH i, 328 n., 378 n.)

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