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Upper and Nether Heyford

Major Settlement in the Parish of Heyford, Upper and Nether

Historical Forms

  • Haiford, Heiforde 1086 DB
  • Heiford, Heyford 1178 P 1405 ADiv
  • Little Heiford 12th Survey
  • Heiford Superiore, Heiford Inferiore 1220 Fees
  • Nether Heiford 1240 FF
  • Over Heiford 1253 FF
  • Great Heiford 1283 Cl
  • Haiford, Hayford 1178 P 1362 Cl
  • Haieford 1199 FF
  • Haiford Norhtthere 1285 Ass
  • Hieford 1235 Ch
  • Heghford 1334 Cl
  • Heafford 1657 NRSi
  • Hefford 1754 ParReg


The first element may be either OE  (ge)hæg or hege or heg .The first two would mean 'ford by the enclosure' or 'by the hedge,' the last would mean 'hay-ford,' i.e. one over which hay was often carted. We have a parallel for the last in Heyford (O), Hegford KCD 1289, and in higford (BCS 782 and 1093).

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