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Fleet Fm (, Kelly)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Harlestone

Historical Forms

  • fflitlond 1312 HdeB


Fleet Fm (Kelly) probably corresponds to fflitlond 1312 H de B, Flitland 1766 TAB , Fleetland 1828, Flitland 1926. If this is correct then the early name meant 'land in dispute' (cf. NED s. v. flite ), and the modern form is corrupt. Cf. Flytlond in Benefield (1253FF ), Flyttelondes in Easton (c. 1400Rental ), Flithul in Braybrooke (c. 1250PipewellB ), Flitehyl in Isham (14thNthStA ), Flithil in Boughton (1250), Flytehil in Irthlingborough (14th) and Flitnell Barn infra 85.

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