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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hackleton

Historical Forms

  • Hachelintone 1086 DB 1405 ADv
  • Bachelintone (sic) 1086 DB
  • Haclinton(a) 1155–8 Ch 1329 ADii
  • Haclynton 13th ADi
  • Hakilton c.1265 ADii
  • Hakelton 1368,1376 Cl


No OE  personal name Haca is on record, but we have every reason to believe in its existence on the evidence of such a p.n. as Hackness (PN NRY 112), c. 750 Bede Hacanos . See also PN D 69, 116. It would be identical with OE  haca , 'hook, bolt, bar,' and have its exact parallel in the personal name Hōc , which is identical with the common OE  hōc , 'hook.' It has its further parallel in OWScand  Haki , OSw  Haki , ODan  Hake , which is by origin a nickname (ZEN 43). Hæcel would be a regular diminutive of this name and is found also in Hacklestone (W), 1367 Ipm Hackelston . Hence 'Hæcel 's farm,' v. ingtun .

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