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Major Settlement in the Parish of Gayton

Historical Forms

  • Gaiton(e) 1162 P
  • Gainton 1166 P(CR)
  • Gauton (sic) 12th Survey
  • Garton (sic) 1269–71 Ch
  • Geyton 1227 FF 1241 P 1247 Misc
  • Gayton al. Geyton 1322 Ipm


One is tempted to take this as the same name as that found in Gayton-le-Wold and Gayton-le-Marsh (L) which might in their present form go back to ON  geit (a )-tūn , 'goat(s) farm,' and Gayton (Ch) which is in the strongly Scandinavianised district of Wirral and might have the same history. Gayton (St) and Gaydon in Chadshunt (Wa) are however in districts which do not show Scandinavian influence and the same is true of the Northamptonshire Gayton. Further, it is to be noted that the forms Gauton (sic for Ganton ), Gainton , and Garton (whatever that may stand for) are hardly compatible with that etymology. We have in an Oxfordshire charter (KCD 1292) place-names geganstede , gegandene , which point to an OE  personal name Gæga .This would explain the forms,

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