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Major Settlement in the Parish of Fotheringhay

Historical Forms

  • Fodringeya c.1060 ChronRams 13th
  • Fodringeia 1086 DB 1457 Ch
  • Fodrengeye 12th Survey
  • Frodigeya 1075 NthStA 13th
  • Frodrigéé c.1195 Add
  • Foderingeya, Foderingeya Regis Scottie 1168 P 1428 FA
  • Foderingham 1241 P
  • Foddringeia 1174 P 1176 BM
  • Foddringheye 1261 Ass
  • Fotheringeia 1212 ClR c.1250 MP
  • Fotringeye 1252 Fine
  • Foderingheie 1232 FF
  • Fodringhey(e) 1235 Cl 1316 FA
  • Foderyngheie 1308 Ch
  • Fautheringhay 1652 ParReg(Castor)


The earliest form of this name was probably Forðheringa -eg , 'island of the people of Forðhere .' v. ing , eg . Fotheringhay lies on low ground between the Nene and Willow Brook. r was early lost by Anglo-Norman dissimilation of r (cf. Cotterstock supra 200), though, if that form be not a blunder, it may have left its trace in the forms, Frodigeya , Frodrigee , which at the same time show metathesis of the r . It is worthy of note that Forðhere is an early OE name, not found later than the middle of the 8th century.

The manor was held by the king of Scotland in the 12th century.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site