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Major Settlement in the Parish of Faxton

Historical Forms

  • Fextone 1086 DB
  • Fachestuna 1121 AC
  • Fakestuna 12th France
  • Facheston c.1230 ADA15466
  • Fagestona c.1225 StFrides
  • Faxton(a) 1166 P
  • Faxton al. Faxon 1572 FF
  • Foxton 1335 Cl 1345 Ipm
  • Fawxton al. Faxton 1579 FF


There is a rare Scandinavian name Fákr , found in the form fakaR in a Danish Runic inscription (cf. Noreen, Altisländische Grammatik 379) and possibly also in the Norwegian p.n. Fax - staðr (NG x, 353). This, in combination with tun , would account for the p.n. Faxton. It should be borne in mind, however, that there are possibilities of an OE  pers. name Fæcce , cf. Feaks Well (PN BedsHu 174) and Fackeswell in Clerkenwell (Mx) (1199 FF) which are hardly likely to contain a Scandinavian pers. name.

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