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Major Settlement in the Parish of Brixworth

Historical Forms

  • Briclesworde 1086 DB
  • Brikleswrth(e) t.Hy3 ADiii
  • Bricklesuurtha t.Hy2 Sparke 13th
  • Bricleswurth 1248 Cl
  • Brihteswrðe 1198 P
  • Brythtesworth 1253 Ass
  • Brikelewrth 1199 FF
  • Brikelesworth 12th Survey 1426 ADiv
  • Brikilesworth 1241 P
  • Briglesworđ 1216 PatR
  • Brekelesworth 1421 ADiv
  • Bryxworth al. Bryckelsworth 1571 Recov 1780 EnclA
  • Brixworth al. Woolfadge 1671 Recov


The first element in this, as in most worth -names, is a pers. name. There are two possibilities with regard to this name. It may be OE  Beorhtel , as would be suggested if we lay stress on the forms from 1198 P and 1253Ass , though there is no parallel for an otherwise uniform development of OE  Beorhtel to ME  Bricel -, Brikel - (cf. Johnston PN England and Wales s. n .).Alternatively, we might start from OE  *Bricel , a diminutive of the pers. name Brica found in Brickendon (Herts), Brycandun in BCS 1306. See further Brigden(s) PN Sx 353, 478. In that case we must take the two exceptional forms as due to confusion with another and more common name.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site