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Cherry Lap

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brigstock

Historical Forms

  • Shenelelappe c.1300,1337 For
  • Schelleylappe c.1300 For
  • Schelleye, Schilappe t.Ed1 PeterbB
  • Shilleghlapp 1374 For
  • Sherylappe 1540 LP


Cherry Lap is Shenelelappe c. 1300, 1337For , Schelleylappe c. 1300For , Schelleye , Schilappe t. Ed 1PeterbB , Shilleghlapp 1374For , Sherylappe 1540 LP, Cherry Lap 1651 NthNQ ii. Shenele is perhaps 'bright clearing or wood,' v. leah , and cf. Shenley (PN Bk 23) and (Herts), lap must be OE  læppe used either of the edge of something larger, or, in the more technical sense 'detached portion, district,' v. BTs. v .