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Fairwood Fields

Early-attested site in the Parish of Well

Historical Forms

  • Fagherwall 1257 YD
  • Fagherwald(e) 1285 KI 1319 RichReg
  • Faverwald c.1300 Dugdiii.562
  • Fayerwald 1349 Dugdvii.921
  • Fayrewald 1410 RichReg


'Fair woodland' v. w(e)ald. The first element is from ON  fagr 'fair' (which with ME  vocalisation of -g - gave the form Faver -), but it has been replaced by ME  fair (from OE  fæger); for the development of OE  wald to wood cf. the local pronunciation of Easingwold 24supra .

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Early-attested site

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