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Major Settlement in the Parish of Thornton Dale

Historical Forms

  • Wiltun(e) 1086 DB 1247 Dugdiv.276 1247 Ch
  • Wilton(am), Wylton(am) 1167 P 1180 YCh
  • Willeton 1301 LS


There is another Wilton in LangW 159 infra , which is found in DB as Wiltuna and Widtuna . Bishop's Wilton in YER also has a form Widtone in DB. These forms suggest that the true form of the name at the time of DB was Wildetuna , in which presumably the first element is the common adj. wild , referring to the original state of the site. Cf. Wildon (193infra ) and the use of Wildbrook (twice in Sussex) to describe marshy uncultivated land, a name going back to medieval times.