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Major Settlement in the Parish of Scruton

Historical Forms

  • Scurueton, Skurveton 1086 DB 1210 Abbr 13 RichReg 1270 Ch 1289 Ebor 1370 Archd 1396 Pap
  • Sc(h)orveton 1184 RichReg 1252 Ch 1280 YI
  • Scurfeton' 1231 Ass
  • Scrurueton (sic) 1285 KI 1356 FF
  • Scrowton 1470 RichWills
  • Screwton 1611 NR


'Scurfa's farm' v. tun . Scurfa (ASC) is the name of a Scand jarl. Björkman (NP 124) identifies it with OWScand  skurfa , 'scurf, scab,' found also as the ON  by-name Skurfa (LindBN). The name of the same man probably enters into the name of Scurf Beck, a local stream (6″). For a possible OE parallel, v. Sheraton, PN NbDu 176.

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