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Ainderby Quernhow

Major Settlement in the Parish of Pickhill

Historical Forms

  • Aiendrebi, Andrebi 1086 DB
  • Endreby, Enderby 1207 Abbr 1208 FF
  • Ainderby, Aynderby 1208 FF
  • Aynderby juxta Querenhou 1301 LS
  • AynderbyVis-compt 14 RichReg
  • Einderby 1231 Ass
  • Anderby vesconte 1280 YI
  • Anderby Whernhowe 1578 FF


The name Ainderby occurs three times in the district (Ainderby Mires, Ainderby Steeple 239, 275infra ). All three are derived from the ON  pers. name Eindriði (LindN), ODan  *Endridhi (Nielsen). v. by . The forms with Ender - are due to the Scand  sound-change of ei to e before n + a consonant (cf. Noreen, Altisländ. Gram. 123). Forms with Ander - are to be explained, as by Lindkvist (39), as due to the influence of a Scand by-form *Andriði .

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