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Major Settlement in the Parish of Over Silton

Historical Forms

  • Capuic, Chipuic 1086 DB
  • Chepewic 1166 P
  • Kepwic, Kepuuic, Kepwyche 1202 FF 1208–10 Fees 1234 Guis
  • Kepewyk, Kepewick 1224–30 Fees 1240 Riev 1285 KI 1298 Abbr 1301 LS 1348 Baildon
  • Keppewic, Keppewyk 1310 Ch 1316 Vill
  • Kepyk, Kepec 1451 Test 1505 Sanct


On topographical grounds this name cannot reasonably be connected with OE  cēap , 'market,' with Scandinavianised initial consonant. A pers. name is far more probable. There is an OSwed  p.n. Kæplinge which Hellquist (ON -inge 86) connects with the pers. name *Kappe assumed by Lundgren-Brate (146) to lie behind certain Swedish p.n.'s. A mutated derivative Kæppi formed from the name would explain the forms of Kepwick.The possibility then is that the name means 'Kæppi's vik' or 'nook in the hills.'

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

Major Settlement