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Major Settlement in the Parish of Northallerton

Historical Forms

  • Romundrebi 1086 DB
  • Romundabi 1088 LVD50d
  • Romundebi, Romundeby 1086 DB 1316 Vill
  • Romundby 1347 Baildon 1348 IpmR
  • Romanby 1398 Pat


'Romund's farm' v. by . The name Romund (DB, P) is from ON  Hrómundr , gen. Hrómundar (LindN). The ON  gen. -ar is found in the DB spelling, but was dropped at an early date.The mere fact that it does appear in the early form shows that its loss cannot be due to the OEScand  loss of -r - before a voiced consonant as in Dromonby 168supra .

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site