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Thornton le Beans

Major Settlement in the Parish of North Otterington

Historical Forms

  • Gri(s)torentun 1086 DB
  • Grisethorntune 1088 LVD51
  • Thorinton super vivarium 1208 ChR
  • Thorn(e)ton in Vivar' 1285 KI
  • in le Beyns, in Fabis 1534 VE
  • in the Beanes 1577 Saxton
  • in lez Beanes 1613 NR, etc.


The place is also distinguished as in le Beyns , in Fabis 1534 VE; in the Beanes 1577 Saxton; in lez Beanes 1613 NR, etc.

v. þorn , tun . The earliest spellings point to a name of the same type as Humburton 180supra : 'Griss's þorntun ' from the ON  pers. name Gríss (v. Gristhorpe 104supra ).

The various suffixes indicate the position of Thornton. The vivarium or fish pond is mentioned in 1208 ChRvivario juxta Thorinton '. Fabis is from Latin faba , 'horse-bean,' and is equivalent to the more common affix Beans from OE  bean.Horse-beans must have been a staple commodity of the district.For le v. Barton le Willows 38supra .

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